Tereni Keyah speaks on Hidden Pork and Bugs in your food

This is a great video!

Holistic Mind and Body

This is a great video by Tereni Keyah. I found this video to be very helpful. many of us don’t realize many of the things that are hidden in foods today. I think after viewing this video it’ll give you a different perspective. If you want to avoid pork in your food, don’t eat commercially manufactured foods. Make your prepared dishes yourself. Make them from whole grains you cook yourself, legumes you prepare yourself, fresh and frozen vegetables, fresh fruits, and raw nuts and seeds you roast yourself.
Obtain your sweeteners from dates, raisins, honey, apples, and jams, jellies, and apple “butters” made from 100% fruit without additives (pectin and citric acid are okay; they come from fruits). If you must add gravies or thickeners, make your own from flours, water or nut milks, olive oil, and herbs. Nut creams, nut milks, and tofu work well as replacements for milk…

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4 thoughts on “Tereni Keyah speaks on Hidden Pork and Bugs in your food

  1. Not quite yet.lol I still eat fish sometimes. I love grilled salmon. But I don’t eat any pork or read meat. I also gave up candy,ice cream and sodas. Although I do drink almond milk or rice milk. I’m a work in progress.lol What about you? What foods have you give up?

  2. That is GREAT. Starting to change will lead to greatness. I am vegan- for about 3 years. I also don’t eat much gluten or junk food (soda, candy) either. I drink almond and rice milk, too. But only if it does not have carrageenan in it. I hear this is detrimental of the GI tract. It is hard sometimes, but I have noticed such a difference. One thing I have noticed, is that I think more clearly. I love not eating what everyone else eats. I feel empowered. There is a guy at my job that is on the “caveman diet”, which means he only eats meat and vegetables-no starch or fruit. He is always getting sick. Seriously, it is so amazing to be free of that stuff they call food.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Sending you peace and love,


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