A Day at the Farmer’s Market – Day 1

A Day at the Farmer’s Market

Day number 1

My first day selling my products at the farmer’s market was such a beautiful experience. I have to share with you all. I met so many interesting people, and learned so much about selling, about being a “people person”, about how to compete within the market, and even more.

Farmer's market

It was a really hot, sunny day. Sun God Ra was surrounding us at the market. It has been a little cool at night and really warm at noon. So I brought my crocheted blanket to sit out in the shade, but I didn’t get to use it because by 9am, it was blazing! I knew people would be coming out in the beautiful weather, and they did! thankfully. I must admit, I was a little shaky and nervous subconsciously because I accidentally left my table at home! I brought everything else …but left my table! It was a sign – I was telling myself to get grounded, and stop worrying. The day before, I spent ALL day in the office making products and getting prepared. That night when I got home around 11pm, there were several Cinco de Mayo parties going on. I even had to call the police on my neighbors. As you can probably imagine, I was very tired that next morning at 7am. I needed to ground myself, and having to go back home to get my table, was a symbolic representation of me getting grounded! Seriously. I was rushing – speeding to get home, but once I got it, I slowed down, and got set up,calmed myself, and let myself relax and take in the experience.


When I opened myself up to the experience, I was able to make special and significant connections with people:



I met a woman who had a stubborn rash. She wanted some advice about what it could be, and what she could try to help stop the itching. She explained that it may have come about from her stressing over a surgery she had to have to remove a rib. I told her my opinions: the rash could definitely come from being stressed over a major life event such as that, but without taking a closer look at her food intake (allergies), her immune system and adrenal function (stress levels), it would be hard to make a sound conclusion.  It was also a little difficult to help her when another lady was there at my table telling her to use OTC fungal cream! LOL

Next I got a visit from a young woman (29) who cured herself of uterine cancer by changing her diet and juicing! Isn’t that a just wonderful?! I could not help but feel so much love in my heart for her. I think about her now and then, and just hope that she is able to inspire her family, friends, and even strangers to heal themselves as well. IT CAN BE DONE! She also suffered from eczema, and purchased my cocoa lotion bar. I gave her 1/2 off because she gave me a little more joy that afternoon.

I met a Jamaican lawyer and his wife. The black couple looked very young. They were happy together, and it was a pleasure to see black love. The husband was a talker, and he was so intrigued by my African inspired products that he started telling me about all the african countries he had traveled. He wants to become a governmental leader here in the states so that he can take his teachings and knowledge to Africa to help some countries to organize their governments. I think this is honorable, and I am sure he means well, but I don’t think that Eurocentric governmental structure and systems always work for African people. They can, and need to use the ancient AFRICAN systems that were in place, and are tried and true. This is my opinion.

I was surprised, then pleasantly surprised when another sweet lady came up to my table and started revealing her health concerns. She told me about her alopecia universals where all the hair on her entire body has fallen off. She also mentioned that she was working to bring her adrenal glands back into balance. I was struck by her high spirits and contagious personality. She stressed that she wanted her hair back, and was determined to get it back. This was encouraging to me, and just by her speaking those words, I knew that she was on track to success. I wrote a list of herbs for her to help her on recovering her adrenal health and to help with hair growth. She was so grateful that she gave me a book – words and phrases of wisdom. I could not help but smile the entire rest of the day.

At the end of the long, and prosperous day, I met a black woman from North Carolina caring an umbrella blocking the healing rays of Ra who was on her way to weight loss. She told me about her readings, her visits to naturopaths in LA, and her learning from Dr. OZ. She knew more than me about modern natural weight loss fixes. I got a little schooled. She said her problem was eating at the wrong time, which is the case for the majority of us. Once you get home from 8 hours of work, no matter if you love your job or not, you are usually tired. Walking around in your slippers in the kitchen opening cabinets and the refrigerator doesn’t count as cooking. LOL. I have been there, as you may notice. Just like all the others I met and discussed health related issues with, we talked and laughed, I suggested a consultation to her, and she went on her way.

I talked with a few others that day too;

A pregnant woman who purchased for her baby shower


lady and man who purchased soaps for a male family member’s black heads and blemishes


a family of 5 who wanted to sign up for a consultation for their elder mother’s chronic  digestive problems.

Overall, it was a really great day. I felt so much love, happiness, and fulfillment from just being out in the open with nothing but the products made by my hand, a table symbolizing my grounded presence, and people sharing their stories and money (!) with me.


Stay tuned for “A Day at the Farmer’s Market – Day 2”



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