Growing First Aid In Your Garden

Gracie's Garden, LLC

By Grace Bryce, MH, CNHP

Most people would benefit from taking a general first aid class.  The information in this article could be used hand in hand with conventional first aid and/or while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.  First aid situations are basically for stabilizing the situation.  If you have a serious condition, please go to the Emergency Room or dial 911.  Herbal first aid does not take the place of conventional first aid or the care of a licensed physician.

Herbs and natural products can be helpful in many ways to enhance first aid action.  For instance, you may know from a first aid class that to stop bleeding you put pressure on the wound.  An herb that could assist with this situation is yarrow.  Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) could be placed on the wound as well as applying pressure to the wound to help stop bleeding…

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